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Mission Statement
& Vision 

Mission Statement


Life starts when you start giving – this is a phrase that has been guiding me throughout life, wherever I go.

Being a special needs teacher, many students and parents became part of my life and have a special place in my heart.

I believe that doing good is a gift that keeps on giving, and when you are doing kind deeds to others, you not only help others, but also yourself.

I want others to experience the same thing – the joy of giving, the joy of helping others, the amazing sense of purpose, livelihood and gratitude that it brings. That is my mission and passion.

Let me help you help others, and together – we will make the world a better place, for me, for you, for everyone.



We live in a society where some people live in poverty and have no means. Some people are sick. But worst of all – some people lose faith, and that’s where God can salve the broken pieces of mankind and our society.

We believe that faith can bring people together, it can mend hearts, it can heal.

Blossoms of My Life was founded on that very basis, of faith and compassion.

We see a world that is broken and needs fixing, and we do not hesitate to take on that task, restoring faith to one soul at a time.



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About Us

Blossoms of my life is a non-profit organization rooted in faith, compassion and the universal mesh of people trying to make the world a better place. We were founded by Ramona Trevino in 2018 and have been working towards making a positive change in the world and in the lives of those who are faithless since. We believe that we are here to make a positive change in the world, through radio, speaking engagements and writing.

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