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I.M. Dauntless

Ramona Trevino AKA, I.M.Dauntless is from the Bay Area in Northern California. 
I.M.Dauntless is the pseudonym that she prayed for when she began writing. It suits her perfectly since she is Dauntless in sharing her testimony whenever the Lord gives her an opportunity.
She has raised two beautiful daughters and has four grandchildren. She is humbled to have been able complete her college education while being a single mother. She has earned her master’s degree and Credential in Moderate to Severe Special Education from National University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Addictions Studies from Bethany College in Scotts Valley, California and an Associate Degree in Paralegal
Studies through Phillips Junior College.

She recently retired from teaching Special
Education after 21 years.

Her writing career started in 2015 when she wrote, “Free at Last; The Struggle to
be Good Enough.” (Which is now in revision) This book was an answer to a prayer in
which she questioned God on the hurts from her past. Her healing immediately began!
She also led a project in which she invited several mothers of students she has taught
or knew to share their experience in having a child with Special needs.
That book is titled “Blossoms of my Life”. This title had a significant meaning to her,
as the Lord revealed that we are all blossoms in someone’s life.
“As an author, I have the great responsibility of writing in a way that would entice my reader to read through the pages, and to instill a world

that is not seen with eyes, but to be read and be seen within their heart and soul. “The Blossoms of My Life” is a book that is written to honor and praise families God has given me the privilege of
knowing. Also, to encourage other families of children with special needs.”
“Blossoms of My Life” soon became a radio show with the help of some amazing
friends, James and Kelly Auel from KKMC Central Coast Christian Radio. Her show
highlights interviews with individuals who share their God story, and their “But God”
moments. Each a Blossom in someone’s life.
Her show now airs on Elevation Radio Network.
She has been honored to interview friends from all over the states, as well as in
British Columbia, Bahamas, and the Virgin Islands. With over 49,000 listeners in
many other countries!
Ramona has now published 5 books, and is working on collaboration on her 6th .
I.M.Dauntless is a licensed pastor with New Life fellowship in Hollister, CA and enjoys speaking wherever she is invited. She looks forward to supporting our youth and families as well as bringing programs that will embrace them and give them hope.
“I am also honored to serve as needed as a board member for Saved by Grace

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Ramona Trevino

PO BOX 22731

Bakersfield, CA 93390

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