This is the story of how God answered my prayer and sent me to the right place to experience what I can only say was an answer to my prayers and a life changing experience that has enhanced my walk with Christ.

Free At Last: The Struggle to Be Good Enough by I.M. Dauntless

A story for anyone who struggles with the thought of feeling as though they are not good enough. How a young girl suffering from PTSD finally makes it to a place of realizing she is perfect in God's eyes.

Escuchar la historia de Emily. Me recureda las muchas luchas que tengo experientado a lo largo de camino de la vida. Una historia de dolar, dolar amor y los esfuerzos de tratar de hacer que el amor suceda.

I have the wonderful opportunity of introducing you to several families of whom I have either known personally, or have been their young adult's teacher. Most of the families I have had the honor of working with to ensure their children with special needs were receiving the best education I could possibly deliver. Families of whom I have been able to watch their children learn and develop academically, socially and emotionally over periods of 1-10 years. What an honor to be trusted with their children! Each family will be introduced in their very own chapter in this book.

Tengo la maravillosa oportunidad de presentarte a varias familias de quienes Yo he conocido personalmente, o he sido el maestro de sus j6venes adultos. La mayorfa de Las familias con las que he tenido el honor de trabajar para asegurar a sus hijos con Las necesidades especiales estaban recibiendo la mejor educaci6n posible. Familias de las cuales he podido ver a sus hijos aprender y desarrollar Academica, social y emocional durante periodos de 1-10 a nos. Que honor Para confiar en sus hijos! Cada familia sera presentada en su Capftulo de este libro.

Folsom Prison 1993 : Well Here I sit once again behind prison walls and it is not a pretty sight. This is the story of how I, a once very lost man, was called by Christ to become a pastor. Living a purposeful life.This is a book that contains some writing I compiled while in different institutions, as well as my story once I began this walk with God, and learning how God's word can change a life.

Donde comienza mi historia Únete a mí mientras comparto mis testimonios personales, así como algunosEnseñanzas de que fui guiado por el Espíritu Santo para compartir mi historia contigo, no es para decirte cómo caminar con DIOS, porque solo ÉL te dirigirá en esa parte de tu vida, pero para compartir Contigo cómo fui dirigido por el Señor. Además, mi esperanza es que el Espíritu Santo toque tu corazón, con algunas de mis revelaciones y enseñanzas. Los Los eventos y recuerdos que comparto son mi mejor recuerdo de mi Banco de memoria.

Friends & Followers!!!
My publisher has not removed my book ("Free At Last The Struggle To Be Good Enough) 
upon my request and is still receiving revenue. 

Please do not purchase the 1st edition. A new and revised 2nd edition is now available in Spanish and English.

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