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#1 Best Seller March 2021

Hot New Release 2021 

This is the story of how God answered my prayer and sent me to the right place to experience what I can only say was an answer to my prayers and a life changing experience that has enhanced my walk with Christ.

For many years during my Christian walk I had heard of the Holy Spirit, and was taught He was my counselor, comforter and my teacher. I was taught that He was given to us when we were saved to help us with our journey and relationship with Christ.

“I thirsted to find out how I could experience this relationship.” For this reason, I wanted to share how I met the Holy Spirit and how much my life has changed! 

Written in chronological order, this book will give examples of how the Holy Spirit revealed His power to me, along with some of the powerful words the Lord revealed in this precious house of God. 

The wonderful presence of God continues in such a powerful way in this house of God. 


A.K.A. Ramona Trevino

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